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A Spot the differences game - Find hidden objects in Sport Puzzle Pictures - Spotting What's the difference? app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 4320 ratings )
Developer: Stojan Pesic
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Nov 2014
App size: 129.57 Mb

Find the differences - over 70 different find the difference games and puzzles. Find rewards and bonuses to unlock more game types as you play. Spot the Differences is a classic casual game for children and adults alike. The goal is simple: Search and Discover all the differences. Spot it! Spot the Difference Free, use your puzzle brain skills to find the differences between both the images before the time runs out. Sport mobile puzzle game, between two pictures.

What’s the Difference, spot the differences and find hidden objects in this photo puzzle hunt!
Spot the difference is a type of puzzle where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images, whether they are illustrations or photographs that have been altered with photo manipulation.

Find it Spot the difference games are also known as photo hunt games, and are commonly found in activity books for children or in newspapers. A visual comparison is to compare two or more things by eye. This might be done by placing them side by side; by overlaying them; by alternating an image or by presenting each image to a separate eye. find the difference games for kids and children.

Download this fun app with hundreds level of Sport games, athletes, teams, clubs and players. Spot the differences game. Search and find different items at the screen. Play completely free online games. This is your best place for playing free hidden object games.

We have large collection of hidden object puzzles, point & click and spot the difference games. Test your observing skills and have fun. Solve the mysteries. Search and find different items at the screen. This app is your best place for playing free hidden object games and other puzzles. Sport hidden object games are extremely popular and for good reason. Find the objects as fast as possible without using the hint button. Std Find the object in the picture games.

Hunt your way through hundreds of high quality photos, including sport celebrities, leagues, and more! Fun for all ages! Do you have keen eyes? Then it wont be difficult for you to find differences between the two pictures in these spot the difference games. The game is also know as Find it, famous from the Photo play games. Two similar photos, cartoons, or illustrations are shown. Its up to you to spot the differences.